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Local Solutions to Poverty Annual Progress Report 2018

Author: Local Solutions to Poverty
Publish Year: 2019
Publisher: Local Solutions to Poverty - World Bank Group, Jakarta-Indonesia
Language: Indonesia
Topic: Annual Report
The Government of Indonesia (GoI) continues to strengthen its emphasis on building human capital and local economic development, particularly in rural areas. The Local Solutions to Poverty (LSP) Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) is well positioned to support the GoI to achieve these goals. The LSP MDTF (or LSP Facility) mobilizes the World Bank’s Indonesia and global experience, networks, and convening power to support the GoI to improve the quality of lives of poor and vulnerable Indonesians by improving basic service delivery and village development. Specifically, LSP supports the GoI by: (1) undertaking and disseminating rigorous impact evaluations and analytics; (2) informing and promoting evidence-based policy decisions, agendas, and systems reforms; (3) providing enhanced implementation support to assist the GoI deliver complex and innovative operations and pilots; and (4) supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange among international, national, and sub-national actors. This report highligths the facility major contributions in 2018.

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