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Local Solutions to Poverty (LSP) Achievement Brief 2017

Author: Local Solutions to Poverty
Publish Year: 2018
Publisher: Local Solutions to Poverty - World Bank Group, Jakarta
Language: English
Topic: Basic Service Delivery, Layanan Dasar, Local Solutions to Poverty, Pembangunan Desa, Village Development
n 2017, the Local Solutions to Poverty (LSP) focused on strengthening the GoI’s institutions and systems in three main areas: Village Development, Basic Service Delivery, and Analytics. LSP works in strengthening village institutions, as participatory and inclusive platforms for rural development and poverty reduction, to help improve the effectiveness of US$ 7.3 billion in annual village funding. Institutionalizing and scaling up demand-driven approaches to improve frontline and basic services that reduce poverty and improve livelihoods, particularly in poor and remote areas. Producing and disseminating high-quality data and analytics, and strengthening the GoI’s existing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to support more effective village development and local service delivery. LSP supported the GoI in these areas through nine main projects and initiatives. This report is a summary of how Local Solutions to Poverty is improving the lives of poor and vulnerable Indonesians.

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