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Policy Brief 03 : Changes in Village Capacity in One Decade (2001 - 2012)

Author: PNPM Support Facility
Publish Year: 2015
Publisher: PNPM Support Faciity, Jakarta
Language: English
Topic: Catatan Kebijakan, Kapasitas Desa, Kapasitas Lokal, Local Capacity, Pedesaan, Perdesaan, Policy Brief, Rural, Village Capacity
The strength of the local capacity, which is defined as the ability of the community to solve problems collectively, is determined by a number of important elements. These elements must be encouraged to move positively to improve the local capacity, especially with the enactment of Law No. 6 of 2014 regarding Villages. This study assessed the local capacity using three elements as analytical tools: assets, political economy and source of capacity shift.

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